Work in Japan with NEW VISA STATUSES for foreigners!

NEW VISA STATUSES “Designated Skilled Labor” started on April 1, 2019.
We support the employment of foreigners who want to work in hospitality worker,factories and convenience stores in Japan.
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Once the application has been completed, we will inform you of the exam date and exam information as the NEW VISA STATUES for foreigners.

We will refer you to the perfect job !

job 48 Recruitment Consultant , a specialized advisor will refer you to the perfect job !

We will refer you to the job that is challenging but rewarding and give counseling and advice so that you can be active at your job change destination.After you change job, we will follow-up about your work performance improvement and troubles.
We provide you with a curriculum to improve competency such as remarks, behavior, mental attitude, skills etc that can be active at the job change destination by assessment such as psychology, character, interest of interest etc.This curriculum is not a general way of manners, it is a curriculum where you can wear the necessary attitude to build good human relationships in the workplace, be trusted, and take an active part.
We hope that you can work for a satisfying job by bringing your career and business direction expectations closer to each other by curriculum and counseling etc.We will advise you through an improvement cycle based on your competency after a career as a follower.
We are promoting active human resources in Japan. You should consult us for visas, job hunting and living support in Japan.

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