Study &Settle in Japan:the Vision

〇University Graduate
〇Japanese Study till N4 Level in your country
〇If you have job experience, the better.
〇A sponsor who can support you

Our Services
〇Japanese Study(Get N2)
〇Part Time Job Support
〇Full Support for the Living
〇Job Hunting Support

Road Map (for example)
Apply for VISA(Oct.2018)→VISA issued(Mar.2019)→Study in Japan(Apr.2019)→Work in Japan(Apr.2021)

Study &Settle in Japan:the Terms

Costs (in Tokyo)
〇School Fee: About 800K ~1,100K yen/1 year
〇Living Expenses: 20,000~80,000 yen/month
〇Job Hunting Support: Free

1. Apply for school
2. Prepare necessary documents
3. Wait for VISA issued

〇Can get about 100K yen/month from part-time job
〇Can earn 200K yen/month or more for salary when you get full time job after graduation


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